This letter is written to recommend Art Ellison, a Spirit Filled Minister of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, to the Body of Christ and witness to his integrity and faithfulness as an anointed man of faith and love.

My name is Rev. Dwight Keith, with Dwight Keith Ministries, Inc., based in Atlanta, Georgia. I have ministered for over 35 years, had National TV shows, and church and conference meeting for years.

Art Ellison has been in our weekly Men's meeting for over 10 years. Art has been faithful, credible and an anointed man of God since I have known him. His message to the body and the world is one of hope, faith and love. He has a sound knowledge of God's word and will always minister in love and grace. Art's purpose is to exalt the wonderful name of Jesus and exhort God's people as well as unbelievers to follow the "Prince of peace," and live a life of faith !

May The Grace Of The Lord Be With You,

Dwight Keith
Dwight Keith Ministries, Inc.

‚ÄčTo Whom It May Concern:

Art Ellison has been attending Beth Hallel for five years and has been involved with serving the homeless in his capacity as an evangelist for this period. He is ardent about reaching out to the lost and those who need deliverance from demonic oppression. I have known Art for the two years that I have served at the homeless shelter, and I have been the Ministry leader for the past year.

He is a passionate family man, as a father of two girls, Gabby 21 years old and Genny 19 years old who both attend Lee University, which is a Christian institution. Art lost his beloved wife Norma to breast cancer in July 2014, however, he has transitioned well and continues to spread the Word wherever he goes.

His knowledge of the Bible is quite extensive and he is always willing to share his passion as a believer, at every opportunity that presents itself.


Sandra Coombs